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Long Distance TLC Infrastructures

The TLC Long Distance Infrastructures have been, are and will always be the arteries that allow, before anything else, the communication among peoples and permit the development of Technology broadly speaking.
In the last 50 years, I have had the privilege to follow close behind all the various metamorphosis of this kind of job.
First came the Vocal Frequency Cables, then the Coaxial cables of every size and potential, and in the 80’s it was the time of the first Optical Fiber cables; at the beginning you had to handle them as crystal chandeliers, then they, too, became easier to treat.
During the first years of 2000, in Italy, I approached the new technology of microcore cables, consisting of a miniaturized Optical Fiber cable that has to be “blown” into microducts, thanks to the machines that we represent and produce.
This system grants substantial reduction on investments, both for materials and installation

K.S.A - Burayda Medina
Feasibility Studies

K.S.A – da Riyadh ad Afif
Geognostic Survey

K.S.A – Arar -Turaif
Rock excavation for O.F. cable laying

Preliminary organizational phase
- Technical and economic analysis of the project (layout survey and study of feasibility).
- Identification, set-up and beginning of the necessary activities for the execution of the project.
- Estimation of necessary human and technical resources.
- Planning of the activities (creation of working sites) and estimation of execution times.
- Training for new infrastructure installation technologies.


Technical support
-Survey/calculation for bid submission regarding TLC infrastructures.
-Supervision for the realization of works: control of execution times and of the quality thanks to continuous checks on site.
-Budget Control.
-Management and realization of as-built documents.
-Supply of machine operators for the equipment we supply.
-Consultancy for the set-up of TLC Long Distance working sites.
-Consultancy for the set-up of TLC Microtechnology working sites (duct or cable blowing).
-Consultancy for the use of Microtechnology (duct or cable) in video surveillance infrastructures in the area of Train Stations, Harbor Stations, Airports and Military Installations.
-Consultancy and supply of equipment for demonstration tests


The statistics of our participations
COAX cables laid in: 
Italy km 1800
Saudi Arabia km 2500
Libya km 2500
Egypt km 800
Traditional O.F. Cables laid: 
Italia km 1500
Romania km 1200
Arabia Saudita km 8000
Libya km 3000
O.F. microcables laid in: 
Italy km 3500

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